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04-Sep-96 00:20:57
Sb: #Essiac Update
Fm: Catherine A. Shirak 75664,1265
To: all

Two months ago I asked here about anyone having tried Essiac Tea or Flor-Essence for cancer because my father in law was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I was interested in anyone else having tried it. I got some responses, some good and some bad. I would like to update everyone.

My father in law had lost about 30 lbs and was not eating anything except one can of Ensure, and could not even get out of bed in the hospital. He is 78yrs. old and they would not operate because of his age. They did give him some radiation, but said it would be terminal, and he probably only had about 3 months to live. The tumor covered 3/4 of his left lung and the doctors felt the tumor had entered into the chest wall.

That was 2 months ago. He has been taking 2 ounces of Flor-Essence in 2 ounces of water a day at a cost of about $20/ month.

Today they said the tumor is gone.

He is feeling good. He is eating like a horse, gained his weight back, and has started driving again. We started seeing an improvement the first couple of weeks. He started feeling better within days of starting to take the tea. I can't say how this would work for anyone else, but Flor-Essence sure is working for my father in law.

A friend a mine has a rottweiller dog that has just been diagnosed with malignant melanoma and my friend started her on it last week. I'm hoping for some more good results there.

It's any easy, not that expensive treatment that actually tastes pretty good.

My sister died 19 years ago of malignant melanoma at the age of 32. My sister had gone to Mexico, tried laetril, coffee enemas, carrot and wheat grass, etc. I wish she could have tried this treatment.

I hope this note helps someone else.