From: Everett Doner <>
Subject: Re: Gerson Cancer Therapy
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 17:21:57 -0800

The Gerson Institute is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that provides information and educational resources to the public interested in Gerson's nutritional therapy for Cancer and other degenerative disease.

As an employee and the webmaster of our website at, it is very enriching to know that what I do as a livingis helping persons overcome what traditionally is a death sentence;Thank you George!

If anyone has questions about this therapy, whether to discuss a particular case, request literature on our therapy, or just to askgeneral questions, please feel free to call and speak to one of ourclient service staffmembers at (619) 585-7600, or call our automated information line toll-free at (888) 4-GERSON.

Everett Doner, Webmaster
Client Services
The Gerson Institute