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10-Sep-96 03:05:05
Sb: #Psoriasis - Kombucha
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At 42 years old, having suffered for 27 years with chronic - and I mean CHRONIC psoriasis, the condition has disappeared after using Kombucha for 4 weeks. The only time that this has happened before has been whilst taking powerful and dangerous systemic drugs such as Cyclosporine and Methatrexate.

It's incredible when I think that of all the dozens of therapies, treatments, drugs, anual trips to the Dead Sea, journeys to far flung corners of the world that I have undertaken, not to mention the inumerable thousands of pounds it has cost me and the very real cost to my family in terms of their participation in my struggle against this thing, that Kombucha*, which cost me nothing, has cured it!!

How? I don't know.
Permanently? I don't know.
Side effects? I feel great.

Shalom shalom


*Kombucha Tea and Make-your-own Kits
available from: Kombucha.org