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26-Aug-96 06:42:18
Sb: Liver Transplant & Alter
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I don't know about after the transplant but 3 years ago, a 47 year old male I will call Bill came to work for me on a part time basis. He was permanently disabled and on the waiting list for a liver transplant. Was on 6 medications to help the problem and the effects of it which included small blood vessels in the throat which would suddenly burst requiring immediate laser surgery, low energy, light headedness, etc.

He was fed up with a system that treated him as "the liver transplant in room 106" and not as a person. He was very open to trying alternatives and went to a woman here who does a very specialized form of Subtle Precision Muscle Testing (SPMT) that bypasses the conscious mind and receives answers directly from the body and is incredibly accurate in both physical and emotional answers and relief. He went on Milk Thistle 4 tablets standardized extract/day,distilled water with black cherry concentrate, pycnogenol-grape seeed extract 1.5 mg /lb of body weight, 2 homeopathics and did 3 sessions of removing the emotional stress associated with the problem.

I hesitate to say what others use at times for whether it is herbal, supplement, food or prescription, what is right for them may not be right for me or you. We are all biochemically unique and the process of SPMT in spite of 3 years of resistance to it in my rational mind is the only tool that is trustworthy and individualized.

In 45 days, Bill stopped 5 of the 6 medications, his energy level was up, bleeding problem had disappeared and he intuitively knew he was healing. Over the next 7 months, he progressed to where he had stopped all meds.color had come back to the skin and he was clearly better.

He was then notified to come to Miami to be examined and pick up a beeper because the severity of his condition had moved him up in the list and it was expected that a liver would be available in the next 45 days.

When he was examined he was taken off the list for a trasnsplant due to his improvement and referred back to Schann (?sp.) Hospital in Gainesville for re-evaluation.The MiamI medical team assumed that there was a misdiagnosis or he had responded to the medication. When he told them he had stopped the medication and what he was doing the reponse was, " I don't believe that could possibly be it but don't stop as long as it works."

At Gainesville the doctor who headed the group that had done the evaluation and review all cases for transplant referral was quietly but clearly hostile and angry. Miami had presumed misdiagnosis and poor workup and he'd written a report that was harsh in the assesment of his teams' work.

Bill had recovered 30% of his liver function. When he repeatedly told the team at Gainesville what he had done, the doctor lost it and stormed out of the room saying, "That sh__t doesn't work. Youv'e had some kind of temporary remission, and without this transplant and medication you are a dead man walking, You will be back here!" He later was very apologetic for his outburst but clearly had not changed his belief.

I lost track of Bill when he moved to Jacksonville until a month ago when he called out of the blue to say that he had been examined again; now had a liver functioning at 80% of normal, felt better than anytime in the last ten years but couldn't get removed from the permanently disabled list. He was continuing to try to get off the state list as it made it difficult to get a job.

His experience is valid only for him and of value mostly for the recognition that there are other paths.