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Private Investment(s)

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Private Financial Projects

"Scouting For A Group of Private Individuals"

As an Independent Scout

Global Private Investment(s) Scout

About Who & What We Are

Hello .... We are acting as a Scout for an International Pool of Private Individuals.

They have an interest in items such as inventions, patents, movies, offshore private financial programs, clubs, joint ventures, realestate projects, etc. We are searching the Internet Domestically & Internationally for these types of private financial situations..

Sole Purpose

Locate Int'l Private Financial Projects

The sole purpose of this project is to locate the very best of International Private Projects, exclusively for this pool of private individuals. We are an independent group of Hunter(s), and seek out the best, and most exciting Private Financial Projects, Programs, Clubs Worldwide.

Please Take Note

Only 1 Situation In 100 Are Accepted.

Sample Listing Of Situations
That Will Be Considered

inventionspatentsmovies offshore realestate
joint venturesprivate financial clubsforex poolsprivate trades
Joint Venturesplus Others

Minimum $100,000.00 USD, and UP

Potential New Investment, or Investor
Please be specific regarding your project(s).

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