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We operate with written authorization from our clients to represent them on Internet. As their "Internet Scout"sm Service, we search the Web worldwide for Quality Retailers, Distributors, OEM's and Importers with interest in our client's products.

Our service provides preliminary "New Account" requirements, Sales Policies, Minimum Order Guidelines, Discounts Available, and handles "Pre- Screening" of potential new accounts.

Should there be questions or information requiring the attention of our client, we act as intermediary between the potential new account and our manufacturer client. Many of our clients are new to Internet and somewhat disadvantaged when it comes to E-Mail and Internet Promotion of their product line.

Below are current client manufacturers seeking Quality Retailers, Distributors, OEM's and Importers on a worldwide basis. This could open a whole new range of opportunities for you as a Retailer or Distributor. Most clients are open to new accounts on both a Domestic and Worldwide basis.

If you are a Manufacturer, and would like to acquire our services for your product line, please drop us a note.

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Manufacturer & OEM Clients

Applied Health Solutions, Inc. (USA)
Over Thirty Success-Filled Years in the Industry; Proprietary Products, Contract Manufacturing/Private Labeling, Bulk Raw Supplies, and Custom Formulations.
Jernigan Nutraceuticals (USA)
Innovators and formulators of highly effective New Herbal Plant-Based Supplements
in Tincture, Lotion, and Capsule forms, especially for those suffering from Chronic Diseases.
LaNitaTM, Inc. (USA)
Line of uniquely blended Natural Body Care products
including principles of Aromatherapy and Medicinal Herbs.
MILLENNIUM Natural Products Corp. (USA)
Emu Oil-based Health and Cosmetic Product Line;
ancient Health secrets of Australia, substantiated by modern science. Also, Bulk Supplier of U.S. Pure Emu Oil.
NOW Natural Foods (USA)
Full line of Quality Supplements, Vitamins, Herbs, Oils, and Natural Foods at affordable prices. Supplying the U.S. Market since 1968.
Wisdom of the Ancients (USA)
Finest Paraguayan Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Teas, Super Premium Quality Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni (Honey Leaf), and Herbal Personal Care Products

Commercial Quantity Suppliers (Bulk)

Dalian Xinghai Biochemical Products (China)
Specializing in Herbal Extracts of All Kinds; Best Price, High Quality, on
Ginkgo, Silymarin, Green Tea Extracts, Menthol Extract, Grape Seed, more.
NAN PAO Spirulina (Taiwan)
"Quality, Stability, Consistency" for over 20 years;
Premium Clean Cultivated Spirulina from Taiwan.
Tabe Herbals (Australia)
Unique Natural Anti-Arthritis Balm, found clinically effective in Australia, India, and America. Exclusive distribution rights by country available.

Services Clients

Applied Health Solutions, Inc. (USA)
Over Thirty Success-Filled Years in the Industry; Contract Manufacturing/Private Labeling, and Custom Formulations.
ORSA (Mexico)
Manufacturing Outsourcing on a pre-agreed cost-per-unit basis.
Intl. Investment "Hunter Scout"
Investment Finder searching Internet for Principals with "Big Ticket" Valuables: Inventions, Patents, Large Yachts, Ships, Planes, Rare Gems, Copyrights, Helicopters, etc., and "Joint Venture" Projects. Also, Large Investors.
Worldwide Telecommunications Services
Full details via the above link; or use this Rate Search Engine
to compare carriers and select the best one based on your phone usage.

Business Book Press -- An excellent resource for business books, reports, free articles, and other publications pertaining to buying, selling, valuing, starting or improving a small business.

If you are a "Health Products" Manufacturer and would like us to become
Your Authorized "Internet Scout"(sm) Service,
please feel free to drop us a note with a few details.
We are open to additional clients.

Write to "Internet Scout"(sm) Service

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