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Health Products Distributor & Retailer Opportunity

(Excluding:Venezuela, Korea & Japan)

If you are a retail customer looking for supplements and herbs, please click on the link below to reach the Retail "On-The-Web" Nutrition/Health Shoppes

Well Nowsm Nutrition/Health Shoppes

NOTE: Independent "Health" Distributors, and Manufacturers please continue for additional information and International opportunities.

NOW® Natural Foods Company (est. 1968) provides High-Quality Vitamin, Mineral, and Herb Supplements and Natural Foods to the U.S. market at affordable prices.

The company is strategically positioned to expand globally in an aggressive and planned program. If you are an established distributor or independent retailer in your part of the globe, we would be pleased to explore a possible relationship. (They are still interested in new U.S. accounts as well.)

The company's Policy currently requires a minimum order of $1,000.00 (US) for Export due to Customs Paperwork and shipping costs.

Countries classifying supplements as "Drugs" or requiring excessive import documentation on each product, currently are not being handled.

If you are an established health products distributor, ordering in 100 units-per-product quanities will provide substantial discounts off wholesale pricing.

NOW® Foods also makes "Private Labeling" available for any item purchased in 60 units-per-product quanities.

The current product line includes over 600 items, with new "High Demand" items being added monthly. The company prides itself on listening to suggestions from the end consumer, retailers and their distributors.

NOW® Food's Product Categories
(Over 600 Items)
Amino Acid CapsAmino Acid PowdersVitamins A & DVitamin B Caps & Tabs
Vitamin B PowdersVitamin C Tablets & CapsVitamin C Powders100% Natural Vitamin E
Calcium & MagnesiumMineralsOmega 3Nutritional Oils
LecithinAthletic SupplementsYeast & LiverBee Products
Green Food SupplementsSpecialty Antioxidants & OPC'sAcidophilus & EnzymesPopular Supplements
CoQ-10Multiple VitaminsGinsengHerb Tea Bags
Herbal TeasHerbal Tea AccessoriesLiquid Herbal ExtractsFresh Extracts
Herb CapsulesHerbal PowdersEmpty Gel CapsulesDried Fruit - All No Sulfur
FiberDried Milk PowdersFloursGrains, Grits, Cereals & Rice
Natural FoodsNatural Snacks, Candies & CarobNatural SweetnersNuts, Seeds & Meals
Sprouting SeedsSprouting AidsEssential OilsMoisturizers
LoofasSoaps & DeodorantsClay & PowdersBulk Cosmetics
Retail SuppliesPest ControlLiteratureBooks

Sales Policy

Since 1968 NOW® Natural Foods has been committed to selling exclusively through health and nutrition stores. The superior service and nutritional information available makes health food stores ideal retail outlets.

As a supporter of health food stores, NOW® Foods would never want to undercut or take away sales from their primary market.

However, NOW® Foods does sell to doctor's offices, chiropractors, retail stores that additionally sell by mail, gyms, and manufacturers, with a $195 minimum for each order in the U.S.

NOW® Foods does NOT sell to individuals, home-based businesses, drug chains, supermarkets or any mass market retail business. Prior exceptions do exist that may not have fulfilled all of NOW® Food's requirements. They are doing their best to make sure they are truly serving and supporting independent health food stores.

New Account Requirements

1) Retail tax license number.

2) Retail store front with business sign.

3) Over 50% health food products stocked.

4) Phone listing under "Health & Diet" in Yellow Pages.

5) Buy from a minimum of 3 Natural Food Suppliers including 1 Major direct vitamin company.

6) Minimum first order $195.00, or $1,000.00 for Export.

Discounts Off Wholesale
$500-$2,000 Order1% Discount

"Additional Discounts"
For Volume Discounts Contact Sales Dept.

Credit Terms

COD cash until credit established, Terms are Net 30 days. Visa and Mastercard accepted with a 1% surcharge.

Adjustments & Returning Goods

Please call to our attention any shipping or invoicing error as soon as you discover it. Credits must be called within 5 days. Returns are accepted only with prior authorization, with 15% restocking fee.

As the Authorized "Internet Scout"(sm) Service for NOW® Natural Foods, we are seeking "Quality" Global potential new accounts.

If you feel your company meets the "New Account Requirements" and you are an "Independent" Health Retailer or Health Products Distributor, please tell us a little about yourself and company. We would appreciate full contact information including: Name, Title, Mail Address, Telephone & Fax numbers plus an Internet E-Mail Address.

All inquiries will be acknowledged and information held strictly confidential.

Potential New Account

Other Resources

If you are interested in reviewing our
other Manufacturers' Product lines see
"Control Panel" at bottom of Web Page.

If you are a "Health Products" Manufacturer, and would like us to become Your Authorized "Internet Scout"(sm) Service, please feel free to drop us a note with a few details. We are open to additional clients.

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