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Lower Your Production Costs

About ORSA

ORSA has a team of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals offering a valuable resource to help you accomplish company goals at a fraction of traditional costs in the area of product development, component design, tooling, design and development, low cost domestic and offshore manufacturing, which includes assembly in Mexico.

Your product can be assembled in our facilities according to your specification and quality standards. You pay for each product based on a previously agreed cost per-piece.

ORSA has satisfied customers from respected manufacturing corporations. Outsourcing these functions with ORSA can free up in-house resources to more economically get the results you need.

Why Outsourcing

By outsourcing manufacturing, you could gain significant economic, technological, and time-to-market advantages that are key to sustaining success in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Top Reasons to Outsource:

More and more of the leading companies are relying on manufacturing service providers such as ORSA to manufacture their products. Some issues resolved by outsourcing include:

The Need to Reduce Time to Market -- In the intensely competitive industry, companies have only a small window of opportunity to get their products into the market before their competition offers the next generation. The earliest entrants into a market often reap significant financial rewards. Faced with these shortened product life cycles, companies must reduce the time required to bring new products to market. ORSA expertise and infrastructure allow these companies to bring products to market faster.

The Need to Focus on Core Competencies -- Because of the investments in money, management time, and personnel needed to be competitive across all functional areas (i.e., product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution), many companies are choosing to focus their resources on key core competencies. If companies can rely on manufacturing specialists' expertise, they can focus more of their resources on the development, marketing, sales, and distribution of their products. By using the expertise of ORSA, companies can focus their resources on their own core competencies, such as understanding customers' needs and developing winning products.

The Need to Improve Inventory Management and Purchasing Power -- Due to frequent design changes, shorter product life cycles, component price fluctuations, component shortages, and increased product complexities, companies are facing increased difficulties in planning, procuring, and managing materials. By using ORSA, companies can streamline their materials management activity, reduce costs, and increase their return on investment.

Why Outsource with ORSA:

ORSA attributes :

1. Manufacturing Partnerships

An important element of ORSA´s strategy is the establishment of partnerships with major, and emerging leaders in the industry. Due to the costs inherent in supporting customer relationships, the company focuses our efforts on customers that present the opportunity to develop long-term business partnerships. The company goal is to provide our customers with total manufacturing solutions for both new, and more mature products, and to meet customer needs as they evolve with successive product generations. When an effective manufacturing partnership is in place, ORSA partners have the time and resources to focus on ways to stay competitive in their industry.

Companies that outsource Focus on:

FinancingMarketing & Sales
Maximize Asset UsageNew Product Design
New Product TechnologyProduct Distribution
Shorten Product Development Time

ORSA Focuses on:

Advanced Manufacturing EquipmentDesign For Manufacturing & Testing Inventory Management
New Mfg. Technologies Process Development & ControlQuality Assurance Programs
Rapid Response To Volume ChangesReduced Mfg. Cycle Times Turnkey Capabilities

2. Turnkey Capabilities

As manufacturing processes become more complex and product life cycles shorten, ORSA offers our partners significant time to market, capital asset, and inventory cost advantages by managing the complete manufacturing cycle, from materials procurement through product fulfillment. By combining all customer material requirements, the company obtains volume pricing advantages on a global scale. The company believes that this turnkey capability strengthens the partnership between ORSA and the company.


At ORSA we provide:

PersonnelTraining & Supervision
FacilitiesGuaranteed Per-Unit Labor Cost
Transportation Arrangements Within MexicoMexican & U.S. Customs Documentation
Employee Payroll & Record KeepingMexican Labor Relations & Insurance Compliance
Purchasing Dept. on Mexican Goods & ServicesMexican Business Issues Advisors
Cost Reductions & Smooth OperationsFull Administrative Support Services

You Provide:

Raw Materials or ComponentsMachinery & Equipment Needed


Low Risk Getting Started:

We work closely with you to design and manufacture your new product.


ORSA thinks that it is better to develop long term relationships with customers, rather than perform a once-and-done job process. We wish you to think of us as part of your team, and we will give you our best focused efforts.


Our philosophy involves teamwork to create the best product possible. The better the overall product, the more product sold and everyone will benefit. (Everyone except the competition).

Our corporation was founded on the principles of:


Our business success is exhibited by our ability to maintain the confidence of our clients and our willingness to "go the extra mile" to instill that confidence.

ORSA is proud to always give:

Dependable ServicesQuality WorkCompetitive Pricing

ORSA can help...

Increase Your Plant's OutputProduce Quality Product Reduce Overhead Costs
Meet Production LevelsProvide Dependable Workers Remain Cost Competitve
Increase Floor Space Utilization

Who uses our SERVICES?

-Companies unable to find quality low priced workers, or businesses looking to supplement their existing labor force.
-New or existing businesses with a labor intensive process.
-Companies looking to lower overhead costs while maintaining quality.

What to expect by OUTSOURCING us?

-We want to learn about your challenges to better help in the long run.
-Need to understand your abilities to better understand your GOALS.
-Would like to offer solutions for your requirements.
-Want to be the Partner in whom you TRUST.

All of these goals can be achieved by "COMMUNICATION" .We feel that communicating is basic for good relations and for harmony in an alliance.

We also think that knowing each other very well is important in a relationship. Giving adequate TIME for knowing each other is essential for a long lasting relation. In beginning a new business relationship, we always like to take the TIME to get to know each other very well.

Free Quotation

We invite you to send ORSA a sample of a product you are interested in manufacturing for a free quotation. Address is available on request.

As the Authorized "Internet Scout"sm Service for ORSA, we are seeking "Quality" U.S. and International manufacturers interested in becoming more competitive in the global economy.

If you feel your company could possibly benefit and you are a Product Manufacturer, please tell us a little about yourself and company. We would appreciate full contact information including: Name, Title, Mail Address, Telephone & Fax numbers plus an Internet E-Mail Address. Tell us what kind of products you manufacture, volumes, etc.

All inquiries will be acknowledged and information held strictly confidential. If you are set up with PGP Encryption Software, send us your Public Key for addition to our Public Ring. In turn, we will E-Mail you ours.

Potential New OutSourcing Client
Please be specific in your inquiry.

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If you are a "Health Products" Manufacturer, and would like us to become Your Authorized "Internet Scout"(sm) Service, please feel free to drop us a note with a few details. We are open to additional clients.

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