Well Nowsm
Ferret Corps

Our thanks to artist Nick Korolev for permission to use
"Ferrets of the Serengeti"

A search--retrieve--analyze--think-along-with-you service for individuals, doctors and patients, the Well Nowsm Ferret Corpssm Service is unique in several ways:

The service is not free, but we do not charge.

Our wish is that no one should ever be hesitant to ask us for assistance, for the lack of a few dollars. Each client should pay us according to the value of what is received, based on what he or she truly can afford. Whether that amount is 5 cents or $10,000 is okay with us; we'll say something only if we think you've paid too much.

We accept mission assignments for -any- health problem.

There are excellent report-and-consult services for cancer situations and some other ailments. Well Nowsm Ferret Corpssm Service will undertake to ferret out helpful information for any condition.

We'll say what we think.

Individuals facing serious health challenges can easily experience "information overload". We know this. We'll be searching out information for you, yes, but we'll also be thinking along with you as we do.

To contact us with contributions, questions, mission assignments:

email: ferrets@wellnow.com
fax/modem: 404-872-4985
by letter
Well Nowsm Ferret Corpssm Service
PO Box 15524
Atlanta Georgia 30333-0524

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