A History of Impactful Research

Our mission is simple, to Improving lives through accessible research in the communities we serve.

A Track Record of Success

With 15 years of research experience, WellNow has partnered with leading experts in the field with over 17,000 visits to our network of clinical research sites.

Focused on Research and Results

WellNow Clinical Research is a Phase II-IV clinical research organization that operates within the acute care space. We are highly experienced and prioritize protocol compliance, data integrity, and patient safety. WellNow Research is a leading site network delivering high quality clinical research and data to sponsors, and high quality, compassionate care to research participants. 

Neighborhood Care Advantage

Select WellNow Urgent Care locations feature dedicated research areas that can be found in neighborhoods of all sizes. Our therapeutic focus includes research on acute and chronic diseases, in addition to research in the medical testing and device space.

Principal Investigators

Research Team

WellNow Urgent Care & Research partners with multinational pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, medical device manufacturers & CROs to help drive improvements to health and well-being. In our 15 years of research, WellNow has had over 17,000 visits to our network of clinical research sites.
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