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Be a Part of a WellNow Clinical Study

Taking part in a WellNow Clinical study grants participants like you access to leading care and a stipend for taking part. First you must be eligible to take part in a study.

Clinical Study Qualifications

  • Persistent symptoms.

  • Low levels of success with treatment.

  • A history of treatments without success.

  • Afflictions must meet our list of studies.

Help Others While Helping Yourself

Clinical Studies help not only you but others experiencing the same symptoms you have. Studies focusing on specific recurring illnesses benefit from the perspective that study participants provide. While you’ll receive expert care, the research you’ll take part in can have a far-reaching impact on modern medicine.

Stipend for Participation

For volunteering to be a part of a clinical study, you’ll receive compensation for your time. While stipends change depending on which study you participate in, you may also qualify for reimbursement for travel.

Once you’ve signed up and shared your interest in taking part in one of our studies, a research team member will reach out to you with full details and will be happy to share more information plus specifics.

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