WellNow Clinical Research UTI Treatment Study


This study is examining the effectiveness of a new antibiotic for treatment of UTI as compared to Augmentin. Patients with UTIs will receive either Augmentin or the study medication for treatment of their UTI. There is no placebo in this study. Participants should be female, aged 18 and older, and have UTI symptoms that have started no more than 4 days prior to screening for the study. This study lasts 4 weeks, with 4 visits. Compensation is $75 per completed visit.

Qualified Participants are: 

  • Female patients aged 18 years and older

  • Experiencing symptoms of UTI that began in the past 4 days

  • Diagnosed with active UTI at screening visit


6210 Brandt Pike, Suite 102

Dayton, Ohio 45424

(937) 912-4369

UTI Treatment Study - Dayton

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