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Procedure - Can usually complete in 2 dental visitsOral care - Require a more thorough

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Dental Services In Your Facility

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Offers at Aspen Dental are aimed to make dental care affordable and accessible, ensuring patients have clear information about costs and potential savings.

Emergency dental care for urgent oral health needs. Their experienced team offers prompt and compassionate treatment for issues like severe toothaches, broken teeth, or infections. They aim to alleviate pain, address emergencies, and ensure patients receive immediate attention.

Dentures mean never missing a smile — and at Aspen Dental, we believe everyone deserves to keep their smile. Whether you need full dentures, partials or implant-supported dentures, we custom craft a comfortable and durable solution that looks like the smile you know and love. And with our denture money back guarantee, we ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your dentures. If you’re not, we’ll refine them until you are — or you’ll get your money back.

Trust our Aspen Dental team for all your denture needs, all at an affordable price. We’re with you on your journey every step of the way.

Compare all dentures

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution, and we aim to help patients regain confidence in their smiles with reliable and personalized implant services. We are experienced in implant dentistry, providing a comprehensive treatment process.

Transform your smile with Motto™ clear aligners for 50% less than Invisalign¹, you'll see results in less than 6 months².

¹If patient selects MottoEssential package. The average price of Invisalign is about $5,040.
²Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.


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Get in today

Because your denture or implant care can’t wait, we have an open chair just for you.

About Aspen Dental

Aspen Dental practices are committed to treating patients with the compassion and respect they deserve. The practices believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses both your short and long-term dental care needs, and promise to provide an honest, judgment-free environment where it all comes down to great care.

Where is the nearest Aspen Dental?

It’s easy to find the closest Aspen Dental location is to you. Just head over to our locations page, and see where the nearest dental office is to you. We have over 1000+ locations, so the chances are good that there will be a dentist office near you. You can also schedule your dental appointment online once you find out where the nearest dentist office is. Just answer a few short questions so we can determine how to best accommodate you when you arrive for your appointment, and you’ll be ready to see a dentist!

Whether you need teeth whitening, dentures, implants or a checkup, we will be able to help you.

How do I find a dentist near me?

If you’re searching for a “dentist near me” in your local area, your Aspen Dental team is here to do anything to make you smile by offering affordable care when you need it most. With multiple locations near you, there’s always an Aspen Dental office that’s close to home.

You can schedule appointments at any of these Aspen Dental offices in to get a variety of dental treatments, including:


Dental implants

Dental checkups

Emergency dental care

Aspen Dental also offers flexible payment options, including dental financing plans and the Aspen Dental Savings Plan (an alternative to dental insurance), to make dental care more accessible and affordable for its patients.

No matter which Aspen Dental office you visit, you can expect a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and dental professionals who provide you with quality care. If you’re ready to get started on your dental health journey, visit one of the Aspen Dental offices in your area today. Because doing anything to make you smile means doing everything for it.


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Procedure - Can usually complete in 2 dental visitsOral care - Require a more thorough