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What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are studies that involve research on volunteers for treating specific conditions with new medications, innovative medical devices, and more. i. Each trial is thoroughly reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board before any research is conducted. The Principal Investigator and research team performing a clinical trial will be able to provide more detail on how many visits are required during an initial consultation.

Why Should You Participate?

Participants like you give powerful insights that can influence innovative clinical science. In addition to receiving a stipend for participating, medications and examinations are provided at no cost, and you may be reimbursed for your travel time. If you are not experiencing the results you need, a clinical trial could be a chance to try something new and to help anyone experiencing similar symptoms as you.

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Have a look at our list of current studies to see if your recent diagnosis matches. Once you sign up, a WellNow research professional specializing in clinical studies will reach out to you with details within a 48-hour period.

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Check out the FAQs below or reach out to us for more information and to find out if you may qualify for a specific study.


A clinical trial is a medical study focused on new therapies, vaccines, or new ways of using known treatments. Clinical trials (also called research studies) determine if new drugs or medical devices are safe and effective.

All clinical trials have guidelines for who can and cannot participate. Criteria are based on age, gender, disease stage, previous treatment history, and more. Some studies seek participants with specific illnesses or conditions that need to be studied in a clinical trial, while others only need healthy participants.

Every trial has different patient activities (things patients do or complete as part of the trial). In our trials, these often include attending study appointments, tracking symptoms, taking study medication, or using study a study device, and providing information to evaluate the effectiveness of the product being investigated. Clinical trial teams including doctors, research staff, and other health care professionals, check participants' health, give specific instructions, monitor participants, and follow up after the trial. Some trials involve more tests and visits than others – all trials feature a dedicated research team. 

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