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Be a WellNow Fellow

WellNow’s Fellowship is proud to be accredited by
the College of Urgent Care Medicine® (CUCM) and
the Urgent Care Association® (UCA).

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Become the provider who changes someone’s idea of urgent care.

The WellNow way of care is special – it demands compassion and excellence at every touch point. When you become a Fellow here, you’ll learn from the best to provide the best to our patients and communities. You’ll learn how to go above and beyond what someone would expect from their urgent care experience, and show how everyday care can truly matter. And when you help our reputation grow in that way, you’ll grow too – this program is designed as the first open door of many as you transform your career within WellNow.

All it takes is the first step.
Classes begin in February and August every year.

Have a job that only
adds to your life.

Urgent care is one of the fastest growing medical practices – people are trusting us more and more to help treat their everyday ailments. As a Fellow – and a potential future WellNow provider – you’ll gain firsthand experience in how our intentional, personable care and our culture can make a world of difference to the patients you see each day, all while helping you maintain personal work-life balance.

Learn the ropes,
from the best.

Our mentors provide in-depth and industry-best clinical training for each of our existing roles as you work together to identify your skills – and keep building on them. When you learn from the best, you’ll have an exhaustive and inspired know-how for what it takes to run both a successful urgent care facility and your own successful career.

Robert Biernbaum, DO Headshot

Fellowship Program Director

Robert Biernbaum, DO

Jenilee Foster Headshot

Regional Lead Provider

Jenilee Foster

Melissa Thomas Headshot

Regional Lead Provider

Melissa Thomas

Nagib Thabet, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider CNY

Nagib Thabet, PA

Nicole Pasheek, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider WNY

Nicole Pasheek, PA

Caitlin Coleman, NP Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider CNY

Caitlin Coleman, NP

Michael Ungerland, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider ENY

Michael Ungerland, PA

Kate Kurtz, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider, Rochester

Kate Kurtz, PA

Mark Turoldo, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider WNY

Mark Turoldo, PA

Kristen Raniewicz, NP Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider Southern Tier, NY

Kristen Raniewicz, NP

Amanda Smith, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider CNY

Amanda Smith, PA

Marisa Dagostino, PA Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider ENY

Marisa Dagostino, PA

Martin Christensen, NP Headshot

Lead Fellowship Provider Columbus, OH

Martin Christensen, NP

Create your own future.

Here, you’ll begin to prepare yourself for the rewards and demands of future lead-practitioner roles – and the next steps after that. As you learn from the inside, you’ll have the opportunity to choose how you want to rise through the ranks within our WellNow Urgent Care network. Unlike typical trajectories in the field, your future can grow here as we do.


of Fellows have gone on to join our
full-time WellNow team

1 year

is the average time it take for our providers
to receive a promotion

Take charge of your career with the next step.

Accepted Fellows will enjoy comprehensive benefits and compensation:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Generous paid time off
  • Bonus eligibility
  • Employment in your preferred WellNow facility post-graduation, if possible
  • Ability to be promoted to a lead-provider position post-graduation
  • A starting base pay of $70,000 per year for recent graduates or $80,000 for applicants with 1-2 years of relevant experience
  • If chosen to become a full-time WellNow provider post-graduation, regular base salaries and monthly bonus eligibility will be determined

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WellNow is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

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