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Upon Accepting Your Offer

This step is optional.

This link leads to a printable checklist that overviews all the onboarding steps.

Free feel to print and use to follow along through the onboarding material to help ensure all steps are completed.

Note that the online checklist page goes into more detail for each step than this overview sheet.

This step is for those working in a clinic; Providers, Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), Patient Care Technician (PCT ), and Radiological Technician (RT).

  • Training periods may vary, but if you discussed any time off needs during your first 2 months, access the link to enter the requirements.

1. During your training, employees will be able to wear any of the three options:

  • Business casual

  • The two t-shirts provided on the first clinic day

  • Scrubs of choice. The only rule is that the scrubs cannot display another companies' logo on them.

2. As mentioned, we will be providing two Physicians Immediate Care t-shirts on your first day in the clinic. These can be worn during training. Please provide your t-shirt size at the link, if you have not already. It is the same link where you would enter any time off during training.

3. About 10 days after your start date, you will receive an email from with directions on how to order your PIC branded workwear.

  • Items to order will be based on your role. There are scrubs, shirts, jackets, lab coats, and other items to order.

  • Review the Dress Code before ordering.

  • Prior to checkout, please use the coupon code that was provided to you.

4. Once attire is ordered, delivery time is 7-10 business days.

  • Orders will be received in multiple deliveries at your home clinic location.

  • If you do not receive your order or if there was a mistake, a support ticket can be submitted at the following link.

Reach out to with any further questions.

Please complete the Employee Identification Form and submit it to your MSM.

If you are unsure about who your MSM is, please see the MSM List.

To maintain employee safety, please review the Employee Health Requirements to see the immunizations that PIC/PUC requires.

Also, please complete the HIPPA Compliant Form to save a needle stick at

  • Select the state where you live

  • Click on "New Employee Forms" and fill in the forms, selecting submit when completed.

  • If you live in Illinois, you must create your own ICARE account to obtain your vaccine records. See link for information.

  • Once vaccine records are obtained from the ICARE account, email the completed forms to

Reach out to Employee Health at with any further questions on this topic.

The Week Before You Start

You will receive an email to complete ADP Forms. Other onboarding instructions are below.

Required HR forms are completed through ADP. These include your personal and dependent information, identification, tax forms, and direct deposit information. These must be completed the week before starting.

1. You will receive an email from with the subject "ADP Generated Message: Register Today."

  • Contact us if you do not receive the email by the Wednesday before your start date.

2. Follow the link and register into ADP to complete your onboarding forms. If needed, please see page two of ADP Self Service Guide for additional information on how to register.

  • Complete all sections of your onboarding by the end of the week.

  • You must add your legal dependents in ADP for them to be enrolled for In-House Medical Coverage. This covers care in our clinics starting, on your first day. Click on "In-House-Medical" under Helpful Information for more details.

  • If you need to return to ADP to enter dependent information, log into ADP and then click Myself>Personal Information>Dependents & Beneficiaries. Ensure all information is complete and correct to finish your dependents' enrollment.

3. You will enroll in benefits within the first 30 days from your start date.

  • Benefit enrollment will be completed in ADP.

  • You will not be able to enroll until your first day.

Verifying your ability to work is a two-part process. You completed the I-9 Form in ADP with the other onboarding documentation. Now you must provide your identification documents.

  • Use this Iink to reference what identification items need to be sent. You will need any one item from list A, or a combination of one item from List B and one item from List C.

  • Scan or take a photo of your identification documents and email them to with the subject line “New Hire I9 document- your name.

You cannot legally work if you do not complete the I-9 Form in ADP and provide the documentation by your start.

Review Your Training Schedule

Once received, please review your schedule and email with any further questions.

Please review the Physicians Immediate Care Onboarding Calendar to help answer any questions on dates related to onboarding.

  • As the calendar shows, first-day zoom orientations are held every other Monday.

  • The Wednesday before your Monday orientation: ADP login code and training schedule should have been received.

  • The Thursday before your Monday orientation: an email with PIC Learning login information should have been received.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns about onboarding information.

Preparing For Orientation

You will receive an email with login Information to complete items below. These steps must be completed before the live Zoom session on Monday

PIC Learning is our internal Learning Platform. You will be completing the required training on Monday, so we need to ensure your login is working.

Once signed in, please complete the “Logging Into Systems” module before Monday’s Zoom to ensure that you can get into the system.

You DO NOT need to complete any other modules outside of "Logging Into Systems" before Monday's Zoom.

If you have any login issues, please reach out to to help troubleshoot.

  • If you do not know your first-day zoom orientation date, please see the calendar link.

  • Please ensure you have a device with a camera that is compatible with zoom.

  • Desktop and laptop computers are recommended. Smartphones or tablets will work if a computer is not available.

  • Below is the zoom link for Monday's orientation

  • Excited to welcome you to the team!!