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What You Need to Know: Immigration Medical Exams

If you're looking to immigrate to the United States, you will need a medical exam. Here's what you need to know.

Immigration Medical Exams
Ready to become a permanent resident of the United States? When you apply to get your green card, you’ll be asked to undergo a medical examination as part of the application process. Physicians Immediate Care has provided reliable medical exams to thousands of immigrants wishing to start a new life in the US, and we want to let you know what to expect. Here’s what you need to know about your required medical exams.

Who needs a medical exam for immigration?
A person within the United States who is applying for a Green Card or going through the process of U.S. Naturalization, a medical examination within the U.S. is required, and completion of I-693 Federal Form.

Who can perform the examination?
For most applicants, the doctor conducting your exam must be authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Known as civil surgeons, immigration medical exam doctors are chosen by USCIS to conduct fair and accurate exams.

What does the immigration medical exam consist of?
The medical exam for immigration involves two visits to a healthcare provider. Your second visit must be with a USCIS-approved civil surgeon.

The medical exam for immigration involves two visits with our Immigration Specialists:

1st Visit: At this visit (the “intake”), your medical records and vaccination records will be reviewed (if you don’t have them, don’t worry, we will assist you with the next steps!), and necessary bloodwork for 3 infectious diseases will be drawn.

These are:

  1. Quantiferon Blood Test: a screening test for Tuberculosis that is mandated for all persons over the age of 2 years old

  2. RPR Blood Test: a screening test for Syphilis

  3. Gonorrhea Urine Test: a screening test for Gonorrhea

An Immigration Specialist will review your vaccination records. If you do not have your records, you may receive the vaccinations required (from our clinic or a local immunization clinic) or be tested for vaccine immunity by having a blood test called an “immune titer.”

2nd visit: At this visit (the “completion”), you will be seen by one of our Civil Surgeons.

At this appointment, your Civil Surgeon will review your test results and complete all paperwork relating to your medical exam, including form I-693.

You will receive a sealed copy of your I-693 federal form, which you will send to USCIS and a separate copy for your records.

What vaccinations are mandatory per the USCIS/CDC?
Depending on your test results, age, and medical history, the following vaccines are mandatory:

  • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR)

  • Varicella (This vaccine is not necessary if an Adult has had Chickenpox in the past or has documentation of 2 doses of the varicella vaccine)

  • Influenza (Per the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), Flu season from 10/31 – 3/31 each year)

  • COVID-19 vaccine- 1 or 2 doses (J+J is 1 dose)

  • Hepatitis B vaccine (2 doses if Hepislav type or 3 doses if another manufacturer)

Your Immigration Specialist will inform you of which vaccines are necessary for you and is available to administer any needed ones (except the COVID-19 vaccine) at your 1st or 2nd appointment.

What should I bring to my USCIS immigration medical exam?
At your 1st immigration exam visit, you should bring the following:

  • Government-issued photo identification

  • All vaccination records, if applicable

  • Any medical records, if available

  • Payment for all exams

  • Translator, if needed

Where & When are USCIS Immigration Medical Exams performed?
To have your Immigration Medical Exam process started and completed, you must visit one of our Immigration Clinics to see an Immigration Specialist. Please visit our civil surgeon locator page for a Physicians Immediate Care/WellNow Immigration Clinic that offers Immigration Medical Exams near you.