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A clinical trial is a medical study focused on new therapies, vaccines, or new ways of using known treatments. Clinical trials (also called research studies) determine if new drugs or medical devices are safe and effective.
All clinical trials have guidelines for who can and cannot participate. Criteria are based on age, gender, disease stage, previous treatment history, and more. Some studies seek participants with specific illnesses or conditions that need to be studied in a clinical trial, while others only need healthy participants.
Yes. As most clinical trials provide short-term treatments for a designated illness or condition, they do not provide extended or complete primary health care. A healthcare provider oversees the study and works with the research team to ensure that other medications or treatments will not conflict with the protocol.
Informed consent is not a contract; it is the process of learning key facts about a clinical trial before deciding whether to participate. The Informed Consent Form helps participants decide whether to proceed with a trial by providing information that includes details about the study, such as its purpose, duration, required procedures, and key contacts. Risks and potential benefits can also be found in informed consent documents.
A satellite site focuses on testing trials, making research more accessible for our patients by offering multiple locations. Our dedicated research sites offer most of our research studies with dedicated research staff and facilities.