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Pediatric Urgent Care

WellNow Urgent Care offers a range of compassionate and thorough, non-life-threatening urgent care services designed to cater to the unique healthcare needs of children. Every location is equipped with a dedicated pediatric examination room to ensure your child receives expert care within a comfortable setting.

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A mother and daughter see a WellNow Pediatrician.

Services Available for Urgent Pediatric Care

Urgent care centers treat various common illnesses, including the cold, flu, COVID-19, sore throats, and more. Whether your child needs a prescription or a stitch or two, WellNow can help.

Kids have a way of bumping, breaking, and bruising. If your child has scrapped their knee or received a cut from a fall, rest assured that our urgent care centers can help stitch them back together.

Are glassy eyes and running noses holding your household down? Come to the nearest WellNow urgent care to determine whether your child has the flu, strep, or other illnesses.

Is it a sinus infection? Seasonal allergies? A little post-nasal drip? WellNow clinics can expertly identify and treat several respiratory issues that may be ailing your children.

Wondering when an upset stomach is something worth having checked out? Our team of professionals at WellNow Urgent Care centers across the country can provide relief for gastrointestinal issues of all kinds.

Allergies can spring up with the changing of the seasons, or when your child is exposed to something new, and many times, allergy symptoms mimic other common illnesses. Learn whether or not your little one needs extra attention or to avoid certain environmental factors.

Skin issues take all shapes and sizes. If you notice your kid is developing or has a prolonged rash, visit a WellNow clinic to determine the cause and treat rashes that may be affecting your child.

No need to worry if your child needs a last-minute school or sports physical. All locations are available to make sure your child doesn’t miss a deadline.

Worried about genetic issues or some of life's more unsavory sicknesses? WellNow Urgent Care clinicians can perform diagnostic testing to help monitor your child's health.

Asthma is a common respiratory issue impacting many children across the world. Since it's so common, WellNow medical providers are expertly situated to help soothe asthma's effects on your child's lungs.

Whether it's from touching the stove or an accident with scissors, we're on it. WellNow can help your children treat mild burns and wounds and give them the tools to protect themselves better next time.

Accidents happen. Whether your child needs gravel removed from their elbow or a splitter that broke off too close to the skin, WellNow medical providers can help to remove most foreign objects from your child's body.

Accepted Insurance

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No Insurance? No problem.

WellNow Urgent Care has very competitive pricing to provide our uninsured patients with affordable healthcare. We accept credit and debit cards.

*Our accepted insurance plans are subject to change.

Pediatric Urgent Care FAQs

Bring your child to a WellNow urgent care location for medical attention in a child-friendly environment when they have a non-life-threatening medical issue that requires prompt care. Most locations are open in the evening and on weekends, for parents’ and kids' convenience! We are also available for walk-in school and sports physicals.

WellNow urgent care centers can provide significant cost savings for non-life-threatening pediatric illnesses and injuries compared to an emergency room visit.

For self-pay patients, we offer a flat price of $165, which covers various injuries and illnesses and includes an examination, medical history, vital signs assessment, and take-home instructions.

Patients with insurance can rest assured that we accept most major health insurance plans and will bill your insurance companies directly. Please remember to bring your primary and secondary insurance cards, along with the policyholder's name, date of birth, and social security number.

If you're uncertain whether your insurance will cover your child’s visit at WellNow Urgent Care, we recommend contacting your insurance company for clarification. Additionally, some HMO plans may require members to obtain a referral from their primary care physician before seeking services at an urgent care center or other specialists. So, it's advisable to verify this with the customer service number on the back of your insurance card if you have an HMO plan.