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Is it COVID?

Don't Wait.

Don't delay getting tested if you think your cold or flu symptoms could be COVID-19. The earlier you're diagnosed, the more effective COVID treatments will be.

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A WellNow Doctor administers a Covid test.

Get Ahead of Your Symptoms F-A-S-T

Scheduling Made Simple

  • Schedule an appointment online at your nearest WellNow Urgent Care location.

  • Simply walk in - WellNow takes walk-ins 7 days a week.

  • If you already have a positive at-home test, you can consult with an expert on WellNow Virtual Care 24/7.

Treatment Plans and Medications

  • If you test positive, our team will be ready with antiviral prescriptions.

  • Paxlovid is available to patients who qualify.


You are welcome to simply walk in for COVID-19 testing. No appointment and no prescription required. If preferred, you may schedule your visit at your nearest WellNow center.

If you book an appointment, upon arrival, please respond to your appointment text with “here” and wait in your car until you receive further notification.

COVID-19 rapid antigen testing is available in our NY locations only. PCR lab testing is available at all WellNow centers. No appointment and no prescription necessary. Simply walk in or, if preferred, you can book your visit at a WellNow center of your choice. See below for testing details.

Rapid antigen testing:

  • Directly screens for the virus and indicates if a patient currently has the virus

  • Test type: Nasal swab processed on-site

  • Result time: Approximately 15 minutes. If your test is negative, you have the option of taking a confirmatory PCR test, which typically results within 48-72 hours.

COVID-19 PCR molecular testing:

  • Directly screens for the virus and indicates if a patient currently has the virus

  • Test type: Nasal Swab sent to a local lab partner

  • Available at: All WellNow centers

  • Result time: COVID-19 PCR tests administered at all locations. Results within 48-72 hours.

All WellNow's COVID PCR testing is sent to Quest Labs. Please signup for MyQuest to receive your results. Click here for easy-to-follow instructions.

Yes, patients experiencing non-life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms have the option to start their visit with a WellNow provider via our Virtual Care service, and then walk into their nearest WellNow center for an express confirmatory antigen test with no additional registration or payment required – simply swab and go!

All positive COVID-19 PCR swab test results will receive a direct phone call from one of our team members.

If medically necessary, eligible patients can have COVID-19 antiviral medication, such as Paxlovid or Molnupiravir, sent directly to their pharmacy.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects patients from disclosure of confidential clinical information. With your permission, we will send a summary of your visit to your doctor(s).