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STI Testing and Treatment

WellNow offers STD (STI) testing in a comfortable, private setting. Our patients’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we take every step to keep the process comfortable, hassle-free, and confidential for our patients.

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What STD/STI testing services do WellNow provide?

Our STD testing offers a STI Test Panel that tests for all common STDs, including:

  • Gonorrhea

  • Chlamydia

  • Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis C

  • HIV

  • Syphilis

  • Bacterial Vaginosis **

  • Trichomoniasis **

** Added at the provider’s discretion

How will a WellNow medical provider treat my STD/STI?

Should results confirm the presence of a sexually transmitted infection, quick treatment can typically help reduce the symptoms of the infection and prevent it from spreading. Most sexually transmitted diseases do not show symptoms; it is possible to be infected and not know it. STDs can cause serious health complications; early detection and treatment are important. We encourage you to be tested as soon as possible.

STD/STI Testing FAQs

For all STD/STI tests, we will call you with your results within a few days of testing.

The testing process begins with a consultation with a provider.

Yes. Antibiotic injection included as needed.

As needed, swabs, urine and blood collection are sent to the lab for testing.

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When should you visit us for STD/STI treatment?

If you are experiencing discomfort or think you may have contracted a sexually transmitted infection, check in online or walk in to a WellNow location nearest you.

This medical information has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Robert Birenbaum, Chief Medical Officer for WellNow Urgent Care.

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Illnesses and Symptoms We Treat

WellNow Urgent Care treats a variety of illnesses, infections and diseases along with their
associated symptoms. If you are feeling uncomfortable or unwell, our dedicated medical
team is prepared to deliver a personalized and tailored treatment plan to help you get
better, faster.

This list contains our most commonly treated illnesses and symptoms. If you are
experiencing an illness not listed or are unsure of the source of your discomfort, visit a
WellNow location near you
or start a virtual care session.

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