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Ear Infection

Does the inside of your ear ache? Are you having trouble hearing clearly? You may have an ear infection. WellNow Urgent Care provides quick and convenient care for any stubborn, painful ear infections that may come your way.

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What causes an ear infection?

An ear infection consists of inflammation in the middle ear and an ear infection occurs when fluid builds up in the eardrum and becomes infected. Children with a cold, sinus infection, or allergies, can often develop ear infections when their congestion prevents the eardrum from draining properly. Though frequently associated with young children and infants, ear infections are also common in adults. In fact, they are a typical side effect of the common cold and flu.

Symptoms of an Ear Infection

• Tugging at the ear
• Crying and discomfort when lying down
• Decreased appetite
• Ear drainage
• Fever
• Poor sleep and irritability

• A sense of fullness inside of the ear
• Ear drainage
• Muffled or diminished hearing
• Nausea
• Sharp, sudden or continuous earache

Ear Infection Treatment

Your healthcare provider will consider a patient’s age and symptoms to determine the proper course of treatment. Depending on the infection, they may prescribe ibuprofen for pain management, or antibiotics may be necessary. 

While most mild ear infections resolve without treatment, finding some relief can be as convenient as stopping by one of the many WellNow Urgent Care locations. You can walk in whenever it’s most convenient for you or check in online. 

When should you visit urgent care for ear infection treatment?

If you or your child are experiencing any of the symptoms of an ear infection listed above, check in online or walk in to a WellNow location nearest you.

This medical information has been reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Robert Biernbaum, Chief Medical Officer for WellNow Urgent Care.

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