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Injury Care

Helping your employees get well, now

When injuries occur on the job, you can rely on WellNow to provide the care your employees need to get better and the paperwork your organization needs to stay informed. We treat non-life-threatening injuries such as simple fractures, cuts and bruises, sprains and strains, injuries from falling or lifting, abrasions, and foreign bodies in the eye(s).

When injuries occur in the workplace, a supervisor or manager can refer your employee to their nearest WellNow facility for treatment. As trained occupational medicine specialists, we practice outcome-based medicine to help your injured employees get back to work quickly and safely.

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A WellNow doctor consults with a patient.
  • Assess the injury and determining the diagnosis

  • Develop a treatment plan and communicating next steps

  • Schedule follow-up visits as needed and reducing restrictions along the way

  • Return the patient to work when their full function is restored

We are committed to helping you and your employees manage workplace injuries and getting your employees back to full duty as quickly and easily as possible.

WellNow Urgent Care will help you contain your costs, avoiding things such as unnecessary ER trips. Our locations are open for extended hours in the evenings and on weekends, making WellNow occupational health clinics an easily accessible expert.

We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you know the specific status of each employee. Our providers will call your company on every first visit, and you’ll receive a report within 24 hours of an employee being treated. You’ll know our doctors personally and we’ll ensure you’re comfortable with the treatment plan.

When an employee is hurt on the job, it’s challenging not only for that worker but for everyone involved. As the employer, you need to file the workers’ compensation claim, plus manage everything related to the injury and accident. It can be tough, costly and time-consuming.

The benefits of our Workers’ Compensation services include:

  • Assurance of care

  • Better outcomes for all

  • Patient experience

  • Lower cost

  • Swift and efficient patient care

If you are considering looking for an occupational medicine program, here are some questions to consider:

  • Will the provider be able to treat work-related injuries themselves versus referring them out to specialists or the emergency room?

  • Do they have significant experience performing the procedures that typically come up at your organization? (and save you time and money by taking care of procedures by themselves)

Utilize our experience in handling workers’ comp and let our dedicated team of medical providers at WellNow partner with your business.

  • Occ Med Questionnaire

  • New York No-Fault Form

  • Medical Records Release Form

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