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WellNow Urgent Care Reveals the Unrivaled Power of Urgent Care in Today's Healthcare Landscape during Urgent Care Awareness Month

Date: May 25, 2023

Contact: Meredith Payette |

CHICAGO – MAY 25, 2023
WellNow Urgent Care, one of the country’s fastest-growing urgent care providers, is stressing the vital role urgent cares play in providing convenient, efficient and high-quality medical care for urgent (but not emergency) situations during Urgent Care Awareness Month. May also kicks off the warmer months where people are at a higher risk of outdoor injuries. Last year, WellNow Urgent Care centers saw more than 17,000 patients over the three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend alone.

“WellNow Urgent Care centers bridge the gap between primary care and emergency care, offering a crucial resource for individuals in need of immediate attention,” said John Radford, MD, President, WellNow Urgent Care. “They are a requirement of a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem.”

The Urgent Care Association (UCA) estimates that urgent care centers prevent around 24.5 million emergency room visits annually reducing the burden on emergency rooms and saving patients and the healthcare system valuable time and money. Urgent care provides exceptional and unparalleled healthcare experiences. Patients receive personalized attention and are typically seen by a healthcare provider within 30 minutes of arrival.

“Providers at WellNow Urgent Care are specialized and trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of acute medical conditions,” said Dr. Radford. “The most common Memorial Day injuries we treat include heat-related illnesses, swimming injuries, burns and cuts, food poisoning and gastroenteritis, sports injuries, sunburns and other skin irritations and insect bites.”

Urgent care offers patients the power of immediate medical care on demand. They are typically open on weekends and holidays – when primary care offices may be closed – and also usually offer extended hours, which makes it easier for patients to obtain medical help after work or school hours.

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WellNow Urgent Care is one of the fastest-growing providers of urgent medical care, virtual care, occupational health services and clinical research in the United States. Opened in 2012, the company now operates more than 200 centers across New York, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. More information about WellNow Urgent Care’s services, hours and locations can be found at