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ER vs Urgent Care Calculator

What are you annual savings if you choose urgent care over the emergency room? Learn the benefits and realities.


Unnecessary ER visits by employees are an expensive cost to employers. Reduce these costs by asking workers with non-life-threatening medical issues to visit WellNow Urgent Care for faster, convenient, and more affordable care.

Benefits of visiting WellNow Urgent Care

  • Quick, accessible care – 40+ clinics in Illinois and Indiana open seven days a week with extended hours

  • Great customer satisfaction – our patients rate us 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

  • Centralized coordination of care makes their lives easier if they need follow-up care

Emergency room realities

  • 24% of ER visits last 4+ hours compared to less than 1 hour at urgent care

  • ER visits may cost up to 10 times more than urgent care visits for the same diagnosis

  • There are an estimated 3 ER visits per 1,000 lives

  • Approximately 1 in 3 ER visits are non-emergency and could have been avoided

  • The average ER visit cost is $2,000

Employees have challenges getting access to care

  • 63% have difficulty getting care on nights, weekends and holidays

  • 43% don’t have access to same-day or next-day appointments with their physician

  • 20% of adults wait 6 days or more to see their doctor when they’re sick

  • On average patients may wait 24+ days to get into to see their primary care physician

How WellNow Urgent Care can help save you money

  • Significant cost savings through decreased ER visits

  • Reduced referrals to specialists and cost-effective coordination of care to those specialists and other outpatient facilities (imaging centers, etc.)