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Halloween Tips for a Spooky and Safe Night of Fun

Protect from trips and falls while trick-or-treating, and allergic reactions, for a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

Halloween is one of the most anticipated (and spookiest!) nights of the year. With families gearing up to trick-or-treat, attend parties, or be terrified by scary costumes, haunted houses, monsters and ghouls, it’s important for parents to be informed and prepared for any potential dangers that could ruin the fun.

With so much hectic excitement happening in one night, it’s inevitable that minor injuries and other mishaps may occur, from trips and falls while trick-or-treating, to allergic reactions, gastrointestinal complaints and more. Should the unexpected happen, your nearest WellNow is open until 8pm, with extended hours available at some locations and Virtual Care available after hours, to help you get back to the festivities quickly.

To help avoid injuries and illnesses this Halloween, keep the following safety tips in mind:

Remind your kids to...

  • Walk, not run

  • Be aware of cars and bikes

  • Stay together

  • Be aware of strangers

Stay visible to traffic

Consider carrying glow sticks or flashlights, using reflective tape and avoiding dark-colored costumes to make it easier for drivers, bikers and other ghouls to see your trick-or-treaters.

Make sure costumes fit correctly so kids can move freely

Also avoid long capes, high heels and oversized costumes that can be tripping hazards. Plus, masks that cover eyes and ears can inhibit your child’s ability to be aware of their surroundings.

Test makeup ahead of time

Often, Halloween makeup contains preservatives that can cause rashes and itchy faces, which can ruin a fun night.

Dress for the weather

For much of the country, October is a chilly month, so incorporate appropriate layers, or even hand warmers, into costumes.

Inspect your treats before eating

Eat only factory-wrapped candies or treats made by people you trust. If you aren’t sure where the treat came from, or if the wrapper looks faulty, throw it away!

Be aware of food allergies

If your kids have allergies, make an approved treat list ahead of time and make sure they understand what they can and cannot eat. Don’t forget, many “safe” candies are made in factories that are not allergy safe and cross contamination is a risk.

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