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Exceptional, convenient care for any non-life-threatening injuries you and your family may face.

From bumps and bruises to sprains and strains, we know that you don’t have time to be slowed down by a painful injury. Our team is here help you get back to feeling well, now — each of our walk-in facilities is equipped with X-ray technology and on-site stitching capabilities.

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Teammates help an injured soccer player off the field.

Injuries We Treat

WellNow Urgent Care can help when you or a family member is hurt. Our dedicated medical team will provide prompt, comprehensive and compassionate care to help you get better, faster.

This list contains are most frequently treated injuries. If you are experiencing pain from an injury not listed or are unsure of the source of your discomfort, visit a WellNow Urgent Care clinic near you or start a virtual care session.

A - E

Abrasions (Scrapes)
Abscesses and Cysts
Animal Bites
Back Pain
Cuts and Lacerations
Eye Complaints

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We Work with All Insurance Plans

At WellNow, we believe cost concerns should never hinder your access to quality healthcare. So, our rates are very competitive, and we can be a more convenient, lower-cost option than the ER – while treating many of the same conditions/complaints.

No Insurance, No Problem

Our transparent self-pay pricing is an all-inclusive flat rate of $165 for patients without insurance or those who prefer not to submit claims.

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