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Treating Foot Injuries

If you have a foot injury, WellNow Urgent Care can help. Learn the basics of foot injury care and treatment.

There are many types of injuries that can affect your feet, toes, and ankles. Some of these injuries are acute, occurring suddenly due to a fall or impact. These include bruises, breaks, fractures, strains, and puncture wounds. Other foot injuries can happen slowly over time from overuse. Foot injuries from repetitive overuse include stress fractures and injuries to soft tissues like tendons and ligaments. Foot injuries can cause swelling, tenderness, foot pain, inflammation, and difficulty walking.

If you have an injured foot, we can help you heal and regain mobility. With top-of-the-line equipment and expertise to treat non-emergency foot injuries, WellNow is here for you. Find a convenient time and location for your urgent care visit here.