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WellNow Urgent Care: Your Swift Solution for X-rays After an Injury

WellNow Urgent Care offers walk-in X-ray services after unexpected injuries at over 180 conveniently located clinics.

Walk-ins and Reservations Welcome

Emergencies don't wait for appointments. WellNow Urgent Care understands this, offering walk- in X-rays for timely care. Alternatively, you can reserve your spot online at any of our urgent care locations. With WellNow Urgent Care, your medical needs can fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Quicker Answers, Faster Relief

Waiting for test results can be stressful, especially for fractures or sprains. WellNow Urgent Care provides immediate results for X-rays. Our advanced digital X-ray technology and experienced staff work together to swiftly diagnose your condition.

Treating Your Everyday Health Concerns

WellNow Urgent Care addresses common health concerns, such as minor fractures and sprains requiring X-rays. Visit us if you suspect a minor fracture in your finger, toe, nose, hand, ankle, rib, or foot. You can expect an accurate diagnosis and dedicated treatment, with a swift path to recovery.

Convenient Locations

Convenience is key in healthcare. With over 150+ locations in the communities we serve, WellNow Urgent Care ensures accessible and convenient care for all.

No Referrals Needed

Getting an X-ray at WellNow Urgent Care is straightforward. Unlike traditional healthcare models, we eliminate the need for referrals. Just walk in or reserve your time online.

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X-Ray FAQs
Does an X-ray diagnose a dislocation?

Yes, an X-ray can help diagnose a dislocation. Our medical imaging technology provides detailed images of bones and joints, allowing doctors to see if a bone is out of its normal position.

What is the treatment for a broken bone or dislocation?

Treatment for bone injuries can vary based on severity and location. Your recovery plan may include a splint or cast, manual joint repositioning, pain management, and physical therapy. It’s typically advised to rest and avoid aggravating activities during your recovery.

What are the most common types of dislocations?

WellNow Urgent Care can help with common dislocations, including finger, shoulder, kneecap, and jaw dislocations.

Will my insurance cover X-rays?

Health insurance typically covers X-rays. You may need to cover copay, coinsurance, and deductible amounts. Confirm your coverage details by contacting the number on your insurance card.

What is the cost of a broken bone without insurance?

For uninsured patients or those avoiding insurance, self-pay pricing is available. Charges may vary depending on the type of fracture or dislocation. Contact your nearest WellNow Urgent Care Center for more information on self-pay rates.

Where is the closest walk-in clinic for a broken bone or dislocation?

WellNow Urgent Care is right around the corner with conveniently located urgent care centers.

Visit any of our clinics for prompt treatment of minor broken bones or dislocated joints.

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